Christmas and Hope for Humanity 2016/2017

It’s 11:00p.m. on Christmas Eve, 2016.  And it feels as if there is a pause.  It’s not true because everyone is living into the future.

But I still feel a pause.  The pause must be only within me as I consider the meaning of this year – the year when we somehow marched to the brink of something entirely new for the United States.

We (regardless of how we voted individually) gave elected a man who may understand corporate life and operations very well, but who clearly has no grasp of how to govern, how to engage in diplomacy, or about how to lead a nation.

Just this week we have seen the threat of a nuclear weapons race because of the unconsidered and unguarded remark from 2 world leaders –  Putin and Trump.

So what if anything can Christmas mean at this time?

I believe Christmas is about hope and hope with a capital H, regardless of whether one is Christian or not, or whether one has any spiritual life or religion.

As I type reporters on one of the major TV broadcasters is reporting about helping to make children happier.  There is evidence of hope that things can be better.

There are types and levels of hope:

  • Hope that we can get through just one more night and day.
  • Hope that night will become day.
  • Hope that the sun will rise.
  • Hope that political leaders will keep their heads so we can have peace.
  • Hope that we and our families will endure and do well in the coming days.
  • Hope that we can make a difference in the world.
  • Hope that there will be less disease – or, better, that disease will be cured.
  • Hope that there really will be peace on earth, and that it will be enduring.

So in this personal pause, I wish each and every person the particular Hope that each one needs.

May you encounter the Gift of YourSelf.

And may you have a marvelous Christmas, the same bountiful and joyous Christmas that everyone deserves.

Kathleen A. Kunster



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