There are numerous attitudes, beliefs, and insights that can help us grow into the amazing gifts that we can be to ourselves and others.  Some stand out more than others.  Here is a list of 10 helpful attitudes to maintain in life.

  •  Maintaining a mind that is open to the positive opinions of others, whether in person, or in media – because this is the  only way we can break out of the prison of despair.
  • Gaining the insight that it is possible to heal from mental and emotional injuries (even if they were assaults) just as  well as from physical injuries – if we allow the healing.  No one takes a hammer to a broken leg as it’s trying to  heal.  But many of us unintentionally get caught up in reliving our emotional injuries over and over, without realizing that  we are preventing  these injuries from healing.
  •  Understanding that no one gets all 52 cards in the deck of life, absolutely no one.
  •  Gaining the insight in #3 makes it possible to know the difference between:  a self-crippling statement “I can’t” that  comes out of depression and a simple statement of fact, “I don’t know how yet,” and a completely different “I can’t”  statement that comes from learning that one really doesn’t have a particular talent – because we are all gifted; but we are  not all violinists.
  •  Actually making the shift from “I can’t” to “I can if I learn how,” when we do have the teachable ability.
  •  Understanding the nearly infinite possibilities of the word: “yet.”  “Yet” means there may be a time when good, love,  abundance, peace, happiness and joy can be in our  lives.
  •  The willingness to accept unconditional help when and where it’s offered – being interdependent, which is neither self-crippling dependence nor excessive independence.
  •  Nurturing insatiable curiosity coupled with a willingness to learn facts one doesn’t understand.  If we are patient, the  ambiguity can grow into insight as extraneous information begins to link up years or even  decades later.
  •  Having enough courage to put one foot even 1/2 an inch a day in front of the other, even when we are in tremendous physical and/or emotional pain.
  •  The openness to realize that truth is where we find it – whether it comes from our native culture or religion or not.

This is not an exhaustive list.  But adopting these takes on life will carry us forward so that we more fully develop.  Personal development is a journey.  And there is no such thing as a perfect person.  But we can all grow into the gifts that we truly are so that we can serve others and experience love, peace, happiness and joy.

In later posts I will discuss exactly how to make the shifts necessary to gain these perspectives.



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